• Brandon Bate

Rams at Packers: Win/loss predictions for Divisional Round Weekend

"I hear Green Bay is beautiful this time of year! "- No one

The Los Angeles Rams also likely won't be saying it before or after this Saturday's matchup with the No. 1 seed in the NFC -- the Green Bay Packers.

There aren't that many teams even left playing at this juncture of the season, so I'll spare you all the stuff about who's in, who's out and how the Packers have the No. 1 offense and the Rams the No. 1 defense. You're following along...I get it.

Let's get to it!


Defense vs offense! Think a lot of this game will come down to how Troy Hill and Darious Williams hold up against all Packers receivers not named Davante Adams. The other part is whether or not Goff can play another clean game. I feel good about the first variable, and less so about Jared Goff not throwing some wonky balls. While a horrible day is certainly possible, I think Rams might match up with Green Bay similarly to how they matched up with Seattle.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-21

Joey the Jerk

Goff could very well play like dogshit and Cam Akers will save the offense. That’s my prediction. The defense is going to be balls deep in Aaron Rodgers’s face and I’m here for it.

Prediction: Rams win, 17-9


Both teams have good defenses. The Rams are statistically the best, but who would you rather trust, Aaron Rodgers or Jared Goff with 9 working fingers? I’m not willing to buy in that McVay is ready to pound the ball. So be it.

Prediction: Packers win, 24-16

Eddie P

I was a bit worried about this weekend’s game. Aaron Rodgers is the billionaire’s version to Jared Goff (an extremely poor man’s Aaron). But then I saw some throwback highlights to the last time the Rams faced the Packers in the playoffs (Warner-Favre era). The Rams’ defense completely smothered the Packers’ offense. I see that scenario playing out again in this version of the matchup. Goff just has to do enough — hand the ball to Cam Akers & Co., maybe pick up a TD, avoid that motherfucking turnover. Emphasis on the motherfucking turnover.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-13


This weekend's game is going to be a mess and I'm ready for it, mostly because I don't have to play in it. The game will be cold, disgusting, and painful for most if not all of the players. Yet I, a humble doughboy, will be nestled on my couch with a dirty hoodie and cheap booze. While everyone marches through a wet and possibly frozen tundra, I'll be opening up windows to cool down my apartment (which is set at 85 degrees).

Who will win this weekend? Me, undoubtedly.

Prediction: Packers win, 23-22.5


The Rams and optimism/pessimism is equally warranted after this roller coaster of a year. That said, I can’t deny my love of this defense. They bottle up AR as much as possible and Rams advance in a squeaker.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-24


Should be a great game for anyone that isn’t invested in the Rams or Packers. Probably won’t be fun as a Rams fan. Aaron Rodgers might be playing the best football of his life this past season....that’s scary. The Rams defense should be able to frustrate him some but with everything going on with the Rams offense, unless the D can score again this could be it. A great season though with momentum heading into 2021.

Prediction: Packers win, 27-17


The Rams offense is having an identity crisis at the worst time, but Sean McVay (finally) showed last weekend that he's willing to commit to a run game. That bodes well for the Rams divisional matchup at Green Bay.The Packers have a middle of the road run defense that Cam Akers should be able to exploit to burn clock and keep the ball away from the potent Packers offense.

Expect Ramsey to shadow Adams and Aaron Donald to play with his hair on fire - even with a rib injury. They'll need peak performances from both because Aaron Rodgers isn't going to gift them a pick 6.As long as the Rams play to their strengths, I like their chances.

Prediction: Rams win,17-16


I'm insane, I know. I think the Rams are going to have to run the ball effectively in this one to produce strong offensive results and to keep Aaron Rodgers on the sideline. Ride Cam Akers into the ground. Defensively, I think the Rams will play great, giving just enough breathing room for the offense to take the cake. NFC Championship game? I damn sure hope so.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-24


Because it worked last week, I’m going to do it again this week. The Rams hold the Packers to their second lowest score of the year, but fall short.


Small hands

Three screws

Prediction: Packers win, 17-13

Joe McAtee

Prediction: Packers win, 24-13


I cannot, in good conscience, pick the Packers to win. It would be like saying our squad doesn't have a chance and that their season is over. They do have a chance. And here's to hoping the season lives on. If you're reading this, cheers to ya!. Go Rams!

Prediction: Rams win, 23-20

Staff pick summary: 7 picks for the Rams, 5 picks for the Packers