• Tim Godfrey

Let's speculate: JJ Watt an LA Ram?

Good morning, everyone.

It’s Monday. It’s February. It’s still cold. And we’re about 52 years away from the start of the NFL season. And it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the site. Like, a good while. I walked into this place like the Vincent from Pulp Fiction meme and realized that my blog post had dust gathered on it.

My first post back needs to be pretty interesting. A difficult task in the third week of February. Especially because I’m not a part of Draft Twitter or Game Film Twitter, the latter of which was an aspiration of mine. But my game film analysis didn’t go far beyond “they’re running the ball to the right on this play” and “he caught/did not catch the ball.”

Now I’ve returned to blog Twitter which is basically just entertaining hot takes today. I cannot escape my fate. So, let’s get this over with and go through every speculative take related to the Los Angeles Rams this year.

First up…


Good God, man. There’s a greater chance of John Wofford becoming offensive coordinator than JJ Watt becoming a Ram. With the NFL raising the salary cap, the Rams are about 0.32 cents under the cap. Adding JJ Watt to the mix would be an absurd financial maneuver only seen on a real estate investor’s TikTok.

Did you know you can receive top-level advice on real estate and taxes from TikTok? It’s an embarrassment of intellectual wealth. And they’re giving it away for FREE. You just have to watch 72 parts and be comfortable taking the advice from a man with the “Lions do not care about the opinion of sheep” line in his bio. If you take financial advice from TikTok at face value, you deserve to be financially ruined. If you’ve personally benefited from finance TikTok, please email me so I can keep track of your inevitable freefall.

Adding JJ Watt to an already-good defensive roster is just dumb. The ROI would be — what? More sacks? More pressures? We don’t even know what the offense is going to look like next year but we’re just going to stack defensive all-stars like a doomsday prepper?

Even if the Rams needed Watt, it’s not like the Rams wouldn’t have to compete for him. Cleveland is a major player in the Watt sweepstakes because...reasons. There’s also talk of JJ joining Pittsburgh because his brother TJ plays there.

Guys, TJ is really good at football. No offense to Aaron Donald, but TJ Watt was THE BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF 2020!!!!!

Nobody cares. It’s a piece of metal. It wouldn’t surprise me if JJ gifted TJ a carbon-copy trophy that said: “The REAL DOP” or something equally as dumb. For the record, I genuinely like the Watts. I cannot, however, contain myself from openly poking fun at the over-the-top “Brothers-4-Lyfe” vibes. And that’s coming from someone with three brothers, whom I all hate in a unique way.

The Rams are far behind in the race for JJ if they’re even it in it all. There’s too much to worry about in general. They’ll several open spots to fill in free agency, and those spots are too big to ignore. C Austin Blythe, arguably the strongest OL asset besides Andrew Whitworth, is likely leaving. WR Josh Reynolds isn’t guaranteed to return. Neither is CB Troy Hill. And that’s just the three I can name off the top of my head, hungover on a Sunday.

Going after JJ Watt when you have glaring needs to fill is like redoing your basement when you have two mortgages to pay off.

So, in conclusion, the Rams are not going to make a push for JJ Watt and we should all be grateful. Not only because it leaves us worrying less about the salary cap, but because it also means we don’t have to keep up with the SPECULATION CYCLE:

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