• Joey Aucoin

How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Los Angeles Rams' rebrand

It's safe to say that this offseason was unexpected. For many old school fans of the Los Angeles Rams, there was a heavy dose of disappointed that hit hard in their nostalgic hearts when it set in that the LA Rams were going to abandon the classic look that ran in Los Angeles from 1973 to 1994:

At least they got the colors though? Right? Hello?

Look, I get disappointment. I've been living in Los Angeles for over twenty years. There's no way I couldn't grasp the feeling that what you want isn't always a priority. Simply put: old school Rams fans weren't exactly listened to when it came to crafting the choices that led to the overall look of the new rebrand for the LA Rams. Yeah, the colors, sure. Great. The colors. But then what happened?

Nike happened.

Focus groups with non-Rams fans. A demographic that was targeted by the Rams organization. My guess is that young rich dudes that are eager to show off and impress were kept in mind. Just look at how many golf shirts they're selling on the official site.. I've seen a lot of criticism about the logos especially the primary LA logo that pokes fun at the laziness of it -- that anyone could have come up with it. I disagree with that, because Nike and the Rams obviously spent a lot of time on this project. They knew that a big change like this was going to upset the old guard fans. But that was a risk they were willing to take. Because of that, the bold look stings just a little more because it feels like a slight to fans who just wanted that hit of nostalgia.

Maybe it's the effects of the quarantine, but I'm all out of rage in regards to the look of the new LA Rams. And I actually care about this shit! I want to wear the hats, shirts and jackets. I want the mugs and license plate frames. I want the stupid Rams fans parking only sign in my garage. So, if I'm going to have all this junk in my life, I want the look to be iconic. I wanted to love this logo. And I'll admit it, I would not have signed off on this look if I was in charge. But you known what? I'm not. My role in this scenario is just like yours -- we're fans.

If we're going to boycott the new look and not wear any of the new gear, that's just some extra-curricular nonsense that I don't have the energy and time for. And again, it's not my job.

To me, being a LA Rams fan is about being part of something. You can choose to bitch and complain and make stupid jokes about Jeff Fisher or whatever -- that's part of the deal. And Greg Robinson and Todd Gurley's grumpy knee. However, it's still about supporting this team, 7 and 9 bullshit and all. And I'm not saying I'm not going to mock the rebrand whenever I have a chance. But I'm still going to support it and wear as much merch as I can.

Making a stand against the logos is a hill you're welcome to die on, but at what cost?

Think about this way: let's say your birth name is Braydin. You roll through childhood and you to have help people spell your name and it's a pain in the ass but you're not going to legally change your name or anything. You get used to and maybe you respect your parents enough not to hurt their feelings. You're Braydin, for better or for worse. Does that name kind of suck? Sure. But you're not a name scientist. What do you know? You keep it, you own it, and live it. Braydin for life.

Now some of you out there may be graphic artists and good for you! I'm sure your negative opinions on the new logos are amazing. But for the rest of us, do we really have to approve of every stylistic choice before we're comfortable going on all on this team?

Sure, wear your old gear. It looks great and so do you. However, I'm going to embrace the rebrand 100% and not because I love the logos.

It's because I love this team.