• Brandon Bate

Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys: Win/loss predictions for Week 1

Football is back! And with it comes the return of the all-important weekly win/loss predictions. The Los Angeles Rams are set to host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football to kick off the 2020 season, and everyone will be watching...from home.

Can the Rams get off to a hot start this season, besting a Cowboys team that many feel is primed to win the NFC East? The BTH crew weighed in with their predictions...


In the Sean McVay era, the Rams won in Dallas in 2017, and then smoked em again in playoffs the following season. Last year, the Cowboys returned the favor while a third consecutive Rams playoff berth teetered in the balance. So how will things break in the SoFi Stadium opener? Well, without any preseason games or camp to trick us into believing in a bunch of things that won't happen maybe things are more clear. The Cowboys are more highly regarded entering the season, but the adjustments will swing McVay's direction this time. The Oculus and lights will make the game seem like a big deal, even without fans and the Rams will feel at home under their new canopy.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-17

Joey the Jerk

Some experts say that the Dallas Cowboys will go to the Super Bowl. This would be good news for Cowboys fans, since most of them are incels and need all the joy they can get. And sadly for them, they will not receive any joy from the new look Rams. Big day for Aaron Donald and the D!

Prediction: Rams win, 24-10


I’m not willing to buy-in on the offense without seeing how the O-Line performs, and I think the Cowboys have just a little to much potential for the Rams defense to contain them all game.

Prediction: Cowboys win, 31-27


Stan Kroenke’s stadium went over budget and won’t have any fans in attendance this season. Good.

Prediction: Cowboys win, 24-21

Eddie P

It’ll be extremely hard to pick games over the next few weeks without having viewed any of the teams. It’s a safe bet to say the Rams OL will struggle, ditto to the defensive front seven as well. However the Cowboys, America’s team, hasn’t been too successful. They’re always projected to reach the playoffs, the Super Bowl. They, unfortunately, fall short. Every time.

So homer-ism prevails. The Rams will win on a Goff bomb to Woods.

Prediction: Rams win, 34-27


First game at SoFi? I betcha this offense looks SoFly. Donald gets a hot start and notches 2 sacks. Big test at the Tackle positions as Tank and Gregory will be annoying 16 all day. Cowboys secondary fails them and Rams win with the go-ahead TD late in the 4th.

Prediction: Rams win, 28-23


I’m saying the Rams will be 1-0. But I’m around 51% sure that will happen. Whatever the over is for this game in Vegas I’m smashing it. Dallas has a new HC but they’re bringing back basically the same offense (maybe even better?) as the one that crushed the Rams defense last year. I’m just going to assume the Rams’ defense has taken a step backwards until Brandon Staley proves how much of a genius he is and/or one of the 100 unproven LBs/EDGE players steps up. But I am bullish again about the Rams offense, and for this week I think it will be good enough to outpace the Cowboys. And I’m gonna call my shot that Gerald Everett goes off in the face of an entire offseason of anointing Tyler Higbee as the NFL’s next best TE.

Prediction: Rams win, 33-10


Football? During COVID? Without a bubble? I love it. It's just so......NFL.I think there is going to be rust everywhere and that fans are going to be panicking at the first sign of trouble.That said, the Rams are as prepared as any other team. The difference in these situations for me is impact defensive plays, and the Rams are going to ride Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey to a dub.

Prediction: Rams win, 20-16


SoFi Stadium and the Rams bright new uniforms will look great on Sunday Night Football. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that is where the good vibes from this game will stop. A questionable offensive line, a shaky at best LB core, and a kicker who looks like he should be working for the Geek Squad have me concerned about the outcome of this one.

Prediction: Cowboys win, 38-23


I expect it to be a high-scoring affair from both teams with both offenses performing admirably. Both passing games will be productive and the Cowboys' rushing attack will prove to be quite a weapon. Expect both defenses to take a back seat, and the game to come down to a kick from Greg Zuerlein with all of it on the line.

Prediction: Cowboys win, 34-31


SoFi open. Football's here. A game for kings and yeomen.

A field goal wins it in overtime. A sales job for Willy Sloman.

Prediction: Rams win, 30-27 (OT)


I read earlier this week that Aaron Donald is bad at stopping the run. And last I recall, Ezekiel Elliott is good at actually running the ball. It is for these two reasons that I'm giving the Cowboys the edge. A third reason is to jinx them.

Prediction: Cowboys win, 31-27

Staff pick summary: (7) picks for the Rams, (5) picks for the Cowboys