• Brandon Bate

Rams at Eagles: Win/loss predictions for Week 2

The Los Angeles Rams head east in Week 2 to take on the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial. The Rams held home court last week, besting another NFC East opponent, the Dallas Cowboys to start their year. It was a different story for the Eagles, who got off to a hot start against the Washington Football Team, only to have 27 unanswered points scored on them in a disappointing defeat.

The Eagles, however, are on a 6-game winning streak against the Rams in regular season play, and LA hasn't gotten the best of Philly since December 2004. Will they stop the skid on Sunday and make the cross-country trip home with an undefeated 2-0 record?

The BTH crew make their predictions...


The Rams had a great plan in Week 1 and  the offensive line looked much improved. Entering the season, many thought the Rams would struggle early with a tough schedule. If they can get through this stretch with only one or no losses, watch out, they could be a contender again. I think they may drop this week's game as an aggravated Eagles team evens it's record after a debacle in DC, but if McVay can figure out Doug Pederson, who he has yet to beat, things will be really trending up heading into Buffalo.

Prediction: Eagles win, 23-21

Joey the Jerk

If the Philadelphia Eagles could play this game with the practice squad close by, they would due to their injury woes. Because of that, the Rams have opportunities to capitalize on both side, especially a defensive line that could allow Malcolm Brown to eat for one more week. Look for the Rams run game to keep going as the team remains undefeated.

Prediction: Rams win, 28-17


I went against the team last week, but I was pretty impressed with the Rams offense, all things considered. There were some sloppy things to pick up, but it was a great win, nonetheless. I think this is the game where monkey is off the back of McVay vs. the Eagles.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-23


Philadelphia has a statue dedicated to a fictional character. Who would LA erect a statue for? My guess would be Will Smith. The fictional version of Will Smith, from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Not the one that was embarrassed by Jada Pinkett Smith on whatever Facebook’s streaming platform is. Too lazy to look it up and it’s too irrelevant to matter.  Infidelity is one thing. But imagine being cheated on by an actress from a CW Series. No coming back from that. Other statue candidates: Zach Morris, Mia Wallace, Cher Horowitz, Sarah Conner, and Arnold’s Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (From Terminator I). 

Prediction: Rams win, 31-24

Eddie P

The Rams D must be wet af after seeing what Washington did to the Philadelphia Eagles. Those eight sacks are no joke! Rams’ legitimate monster, Aaron Donald, will wreck his usual havoc. That is where the rest of the front seven must clean up — and for the most part, they did against Dallas. A repeat from this group would be ideal.

Offensively, the Rams’ OLine needs to improve. Malc Brown was able to get going — especially in the red zone — but that’s because he’s a bruiser dawg. Who needs running lanes when they can plow through ya? The Rams’ other runners, Darrell Henderson & Cam Akers do not have Brown’s trucking ability.

Ultimately, I’ll give the Rams the victory. The Rams’ defense looked strong during Opening Week. The offense looked ok… I believe they will improve.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-17


The Gambler (Doug) vs The Surgeon (Sean). As much as this game will be played on the field, it will start on the sidelines. McVay showed his coaching prowess in week 1 where he masked the offenses potential liabilities (Boom cough), look to see more of this as the Rams come in to take on a injury riddled Eagles team. Donald’s too much and Trumaine isn’t here to hand the game to the Iggles.

Prediction: Rams win, 33-24


Last week I was 51% sure the Rams would win! This time I’m 59% sure (shout out Micah Kiser!) they get to 2-0. Last week the Football Team wrecked a battered Eagles offensive line so I’d expect this week is a signature game for Aaron Donald and his 2020 DPOY campaign. But a healthy Miles Sanders and Jalen Reagor presents some danger to the Rams defense. Rams offense takes another step forward in this one and Cam Akers crawls out of the gutter that so many (mostly fantasy footballers) threw him in after just his first ever NFL game action of any kind. I’ll be thrilled if the Rams can clean everything up and look like the 2018 version but I don’t think this will be the week. Nonetheless, Rams win.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-16


The Rams shocked a lot of pundits in Week 1 and I expect that to happen again in week two against another NFC East opponent.Look for the red zone offense to improve and the playmakers on D to be the difference.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-20


Not only did everyone see that the Eagles lost to the Washington Football Team last week, but the way they did so. Let's be honest, the Eagles looked like a hot mess, and that's probably being kind. Carson Wentz soiled himself behind makeshift offensive line while Aaron Donald and company got after Dak and the 'boys, so it's only natural to assume that the Rams will roll through Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday with little issue. However, I find myself asking this question...

The Eagles received good news with a number of their injured players, including Miles Sanders. Mix that with the Rams having to travel, the Eagles having two stud TE's and Doug Pederson having a 2-0 record against Sean McVay ... I think this game will be close.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-24


Expect the Rams to continue the same offensive game plan from Week 1 as they look to erase the Eagles' talented DL and target their questionable LB corps. The Eagles will get back on track defensively, but the secondary of the Rams will do just enough to close it out.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-21


My faith is in the future; and the future is McVay. ... They can't win. Impossible.

Prediction: Rams win, 30-20


Without a preseason, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the Rams in the opener last week -- and while there's definitely areas that need improvement, I was pleased with their performance. The WFT made it a very long day for Carson Wentz, and I anticipate the Rams will bring the heat again this week. I'm moderately concerned about the cross-country trip, but feel the Rams get to 2-0 in a close contest.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-23

Staff pick summary: (11) picks for the Rams, (1) picks for the Eagles