• Brandon Bate

Rams at 49ers: Win/loss predictions for Week 6

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Los Angeles Rams (4-1) head north in Week 6, in a test against their first NFC West opponent of the 2020 season. They'll take on the 49ers (2-3), who currently find themselves in the cellar of the division, in prime time on Sunday night.

The Rams are coming off a convincing 30-10 victory against the Washington Football Team, while the 49ers are looking to bounce back from an embarrassing 43-17 home loss to the Miami Dolphins. Another loss for the 49ers could be the final nail in the coffin for a team that just represented the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Will the Rams keep rolling in Week 6 and move to 5-1 on the year? The BTH crew make their predictions...


Something about this game worries me.  But the Rams are the better team and 5-1 would taste a heck of lot nicer than 4-2 coming of a loss to the hated ones...but I do think we'll see the Niners best shot coming off an embarrassing loss to Miami.

Prediction: Rams win, 17-16

Joey the Jerk

I’ve heard from San Francisco 49er fans about how their playing at Met Stadium twice ruined the health of their roster which now my favorite comedy of the year. The Rams are finally suffering from injuries as well, but not as drastic. Can the Rams roll the Niners on prime time? Sure. Jared Goff is quietly putting together a legit season and this victory should only add to their confidence.

Prediction: Rams win, 38-17


I cannot in good conscience pick the 49ers. Ever. Jared Goff is rolling, system or not and while the defense is dealing with some injuries, Aaron Donald is still the GOAT. Additionally, I think some of the distaste of last year will be on display here. The Rams are going to want the dub bad here.

Prediction: Rams win, 30-17


Hey guys. Woah, the 49ers, huh? Alright!

Welp, see ya later!

Prediction: Rams win, 145-3

Eddie P

The LA Rams seemed to click on all cylinders last week: the offense scored & moved the ball well (aside from a lackluster day in the ground). The defense stifled the WTF.

The 49ers, while a notch above last week’s opponent, are under distress. Jimmy Horopolo is booty — he needs an all star cast around him to be pedestrian. I see the Rams defeating them handily.

Prediction: Rams win, 31-13


I’d serve up some crow normally, but I’ll be nice. Their spirit is broken, but this weekend? 99 snatches their soul

Prediction: Rams win, 33-16


Rams ran through the NFC East. Time to run through the West. They’ve answered a lot of questions so far, even if the competition hasn’t been very good outside of Buffalo. Tone setting game for divisional play up next. I think Rams answer the call again with an emphatic win that further distances SF’s Super Bowl run from anyone’s memory. Rams are back...

Prediction: Rams win, 34-16


The Rams have swept the NFC East and will have their first NFC West divisional game against the roughed up 49ers this weekend. I expect a heavy dose of Hendo and Cam Akers early to set up the play action game for Jared Goff and Co. But while the 49ers have been hit hard by injuries, they'll persevere and make it a competitive game. Expect Aaron Donald and the Rams defense to come up with a clutch stop late to seal another Rams win.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-24


The 49ers are too discombobulated to beat the Rams right now. Expect the defensive line of the Rams -- and namely Aaron Donald -- to continue his hot streak by harassing Jimmy Garoppolo early and often. While the Rams might not have the best offensive performance, they'll do enough to give their defense enough of a gap to get the dub. Big one for the Rams as they improve their record to 5-1.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-17


A tale of two cities... One has Sean McVay, the other has a guy known for blowing two big 4th quarter leads in the Super Bowl.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-17


Fuck the Niners.

Prediction: Rams win, 34-13


The Dolphins flew coast-to-coast and whooped that ass last weekend in San Fran. I think the Rams are going to dice them up, as well. Another big day for the Rams' defense while Jared Goff & Co. quietly continue to pick defenses apart without a lot of praise. It'll be nice to see it all unfold in a prime time contest for all to see, don't ya think?

Prediction: Rams win, 31-16

Staff pick summary: 11 picks for the Rams, 0 picks for the 49ers