• Brandon Bate

Rams at Seahawks: Win/loss predictions for Super Wild Card Weekend

The Los Angeles Rams will head to Century Link on Saturday to take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Wild Card Weekend. In their third matchup of the 2020-2021 year, one team is looking to break the regular season split and keep their Lombardi hoisting hopes alive.

The Rams have won five of the last seven against Seattle, but dropped an ugly one to the Seahawks just over two weeks ago. With all kinds of questions circling around who the Rams will start, or even play, at quarterback and with no 12th man in attendance, can a Rams' squad who will see several key starters return get the best of their NFCW foe and advance to the divisional round?

The BTH crew make their predictions...


Based on what we've seen so far in the two previous matchups, the Seahawks will likely score no more than a few times. But can the Rams offense match them? Can McVay make the necessary adjustments to allow the Rams offense to not only move the ball, but to cash in when they reach the red zone? Sure.

Prediction: Rams win, 17-13

Joey the Jerk

I do have access to tarot cards, so this is a guess, it I’m feeling good about the Rams defense. Whatever happens with the QB, it will be shaky yet effective. Both guys can ball out and maybe Whitworth can provide some much-needed juice on the O line.

Prediction: Rams win, 17-9


There’s a seven point handicap I’m giving the Seahawks assuming they score on a turnover. Otherwise, I think it’s just a matter of making sure the Rams make the most of being in the red zone. It’s a winnable game, but the Rams really just need to not beat themselves to make it to the next round.

Prediction: Rams win, 20-16

Eddie P

Rams always play the Seahawks tough, so it will be a good game. Luckily for the LA mob squad, reinforcements arrive in the form of WR Cooper Kupp & LT Andrew Whitworth — thassa big boon for a club that’s in need of an offensive spark.

We are still not sure who the QB will be — Goff might not be a go due to his thumb injury and cold weather. That shouldn’t, however, hinder the offense that should feature a whole lot of running & a few nicely placed dimes into the hands of Robert Woods, Kupp, & Co.

Defensively, there is no worries as the unit has been absurdly stout all season long. We just gotta put up enough offense.

Prediction: Rams win, 20-13


The Seahawks and Rams meet again, all despite the country being in total, unprecedented disarray. That's how great football is. An asteroid could be rocketing toward Earth, Christ could return and bring armageddon, and yet the NFL would still squeeze in a wild card round of playoffs. "The NFL understands what's written in Revelations and will protect its players from the seven-headed dragon by providing them with re-designed cups and knee pads." The Rams have a top defense and an offense that's not-so-tops. I like our chances.

Prediction: Rams win, 77-65


Cooper Kupp coming back is the secret sauce. Rams shock the world with Jared Goff turning the all over zero times, no QB controversy here folks.

Prediction: Rams win, 22-20


Playoff Beto is here and feeling dangerous. My confidence levels are extremely high in LA. So much so that I could care less who starts at QB, it won’t matter. Seeing a lot of people go in circles about Wolford’s legs or Goff’s yips but missing the point that Seattle stinks and the Rams and their defense are going to win no matter what*...tell Webster or whoever is fielding kicks to stop trying to be a hero because the only chance Seattle has is to create dumb turnovers. Whitworth back. Kupp back. Brockers back. Rams make it quick work.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-12


I don't believe the Rams will have Jared Goff under center this weekend. I also don't believe that matters.

Prediction: Rams win,16-13


I think the Rams will do just enough on offense to hit the 20-point threshold and I believe that will be enough to secure the victory. If John Wolford suits up at quarterback, expect to see some fun and unique stuff from the offense. Defensively, I think the pass-rushing unit and secondary take their game to another level and do what needs to be done to limit the Seahawks offensively.

Prediction: Rams win, 20-17


Because they seem to win when I go against them, imma go that route and hope the trend continues.

Russell Wilson hits DK Metcalf for his only catch of the day late... Unfortunately, it’s going to be for a long TD that gives Seattle a 17-13 win (where I will hate my life.)

Prediction: Seahawks win, 17-13

Joe McAtee

Prediction: Rams win, 10-9


I don't know who McVay intends to start, or whether or not there will be a split between Goff and Wolford, but I do agree with his decision to hold off on announcing a starter. That said, I do think QB play will be the determining factor in this game.

I like the Rams chances to surprise with Wolford, so we'll see how that pans out. The Rams are returning some very key pieces this weekend, so hopefully a fresher squad leaves Seattle preparing for the next round of playoff games.

Prediction: Rams win, 20-16

Staff pick summary: 11 picks for the Rams, 1 picks for the Seahawks