• Brandon Bate

Patriots at Rams: Win/loss predictions for TNF in Week 14

The Los Angeles Rams (8-4) are set to host the New England Patriots (6-6) on Thursday Night Football to kick off Week 14. A much-needed home win keeps them atop the NFC West for another week.

I still remember the heartache from Super Bowl XXXVI like it was yesterday -- when a kick from Adam Vinatieri sealed victory for the Patriots as time expired. It was the first time in Super Bowl history that a game was decided on the final play. And it sucked.

I'm sure all of you remember Super Bowl LIII from nearly two years ago, as much as you like to forget, when the Rams put up a measly three points against the Pats who, obviously, robbed the Rams of another shot at a confetti shower. Sucked.

And most everything in between that span of Super Bowls has sucked too. Including the loss in Super Bowl XXXVI, these teams have played in six games dating back to 2002 and the Patriots have won every time.

They beat the Rams in New Orleans. They beat the Rams in St. Louis. The beat the Rams in London (badly). They beat the Rams in New England. And they beat the Rams in Atlanta.

But what they haven't done is beat the Rams in Los Angeles (since 1986, that is). As a matter of fact, the last time the Rams hosted the Patriots at the LA Coliseum,1992, the home team shut them out 14-0.

So maybe there's hope for the tonight's matchup at SoFi. Can the Rams get out from under the rotten curse Bill Belichick and the Patriots have cast upon them? Or will it simply be more of the same?

The BTH crew make their predictions....


McVay/Goff Vs Bilbo Belichick or a Belichick disciple is clearly a thing. The offense struggled Vs Patricia's Lions in 2018, Bill's Patriots in SB 53, and Flores' Dolphins this year. Goff and Coach have four days to get ready for the Pats this time, and I don't like that one bit. There is one saving grace this time though, our defense.

Prediction: Football Lakers 13, Football Celtics 3

Joey the Jerk

Jared Goff had a good game this past Sunday, so this game he... won’t? The Patriots have had good luck with the Rams, so I’m going to predict my first loss the Rams this season

Prediction: Patriots win, 17-10


The last six weeks, the Patriots are 4-2 and those two losses have come by a combined 10 points. I think the Rams match-up easily on defense (with our defense, that’s almost always a given). But Jared Goff still scares me. I hope I’m wrong, but if anyone can give Goff and McVay nightmares, it’s Belichick.

Prediction: Patriots win, 17-16

Eddie P

Rams are heading into a clash with New England on Thursday night. Cam Newton, while still a threat, is not what he once was. He has not been dominant in NE, just alright. If the Rams’ defense can limit the mobile QB, which they should, their possibilities of winning shoot up.

Offensively, Los Rams need to avoid the self inflicted wounds, particularly the turnovers. QB Jared Goff needs to be in super game manager mode — take care of the ball & let it loose every now & then.

Call me a Homer, but I see the Rams winning.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-17


Since both Cam and Jared are coming off great performances last week, I expect both of them to play like garbage this week, as it is predicted in this year's farmer's almanac. One thing I hope for this week is for Sean McVay to continue riding the "Be Harsh to Jared Goff" train. That rocks. Jared Goff's head was getting a little too big for too long and Sean McVay verbally smacked it like a volleyball. Reading his postgame quotes after the San Fran loss gave me chills, similar to whenever Emporer Palpatine senses someone wants to kill him.


Prediction: Rams 15, A still-running TV show minus almost all the good actors 14


Bill will have a scheme, a very dark scheme. But unlike rosters of old, Thomas the no-strawberry-eater ain’t here to make that “one drive” happen.

Prediction: Rams win, 13-6


How did Belichick convince the NFL schedule makers to give the Patriots “more rest” than the Rams for a road game and just hang out in LA for two straight games? Plenty of time for him to plant some more spies. Not sure I’ve picked against the Rams yet in these predictions so I’m doing it finally just to provide McVay and the boys some bulletin board material. I’m sure they haven’t heard or asked even once about the last time they faced the Patriots....Rams defense handles business again but Goff will be tested.

Prediction: Patriots win, 20-17


The Patriots run more cover zero than any other NFL defense. For those who don't understand the term, it's what the Dolphins ran to frequently disrupt the Rams offense (specifically Jared Goff) earlier this season. That said, I expect the Rams offense to struggle mightily this week.

However, New England's offense doesn't scare me at all. The Rams defense just shut down Kyler Murray so I have no doubt that they'll be able to contain Cam Newton.

I expect a game heavy on defense and punts with turnovers being the key - which essentially boils down to Jared Goff protecting the football.

I simply despise the Patriots so me and my rose colored glasses are betting on a repeat of last week's performance from Goff.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-0


I really hate myself for it, but I can't bet on Sean McVay and Jared Goff vs. Bill Belicheck and the same scheme that's made Goff look like a UDFA backup QB multiple times now. I think this game will be an offensive struggle on both sides with either defense stepping up to the challenge and making life difficult. I foresee a handful of turnovers from both teams, with the Patriots just edging out the Rams in this game.

Prediction: Patriots win, 17-13


Prediction: Rams win, 17-13

Joe McAtee

Prediction: Rams win, 19-13


I'm so over the Patriots. The dynasty is done and so is losing to them. The Rams are the far more talented team. They're at home. It's primetime. McVay wants some small semblance of vengeance. I want nothing more than for this game to be a bloodbath honestly, but Belichick's too good/smart, whatever it is it's gross, to let that happen.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-13

Staff pick summary: 8 picks for the Rams, 4 picks for the Patriots