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Possible Russell Wilson trade destinations, ranked

Russell Wilson isn't going anywhere. I THINK!

No one knows in the NFL. It's a crapshoot. It's like being a meteorologist — it's all theater. You speak with confidence about your prediction and when it doesn't come true, you shrug and move on. Colin Coherd's entire existence is built on this practice.

Russell Wilson trade talks have picked up heat this off-season, most notably with the Chicago Bears as a trading partner which is ideal. Not only does this get Russ out of the NFC West, but it also deserts him on an offensively average football team.

It's a win-win.

But life is a nightmare, so it could never be that easy. I THINK!

The Seattle Seahawks don't have to trade Russ, either. The situation with their franchise quarterback has certainly evolved to a weird relationship, where Russ is believing himself to be on equal footing with the front office. Not that I'm against that, personally. But the Seattle front office, and Pete Carroll, are reportedly are and I can also see their point.

It's one thing not to be invited to the party. It's another to show up un-invited. I should know. I've crashed many a party thinking it would be like the movies; where my group of rag tags and I end up becoming the life of the said party they've crashed and I also get the girl in the end. But it never ended like that. It always ended with me getting my ass kicked or leaving 5 minutes after my arrival to retreat to a Denny's until 1 a.m.

Whether they keep Russ or not, let's look at a few ideal trade destinations for Russell Wilson:

  1. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers: In an ideal world, Russ is catapulted to the worst city in Canada and my body would be able to handle drinking a bottle of red wine. Obviously, neither is ever going to happen. But a man can dream.

  2. The Chicago Bears: Sure, I guess. Russell goes to a team that thinks Mitch Trubisky is a viable option at quarterback and has similar playoff luck to the Seahawks (when they actually make the playoffs).

  3. Any team that ends up employing Adam Gase: I would love to be a fly on the wall in the room these two are in. Russ speaking at length about the importance of drinking water and setting up an offensive line that won't get him killed; Adam staring blankly and responding with different inflections of the word, "Okay."

  4. The Houston Texans: Again, would love to be a fly on the wall in the room with Russ, Jack Easterby and Cal McNair. They probably all talk like the 30-something youth group leaders at your church. "God is very fleek" and whatnot. Russ arrives and says, "You know, there's actually a lot of potential here," and then just gets right back to running for his life every week.

  5. The Las Vegas Raiders: Again. I want to listen to two weirdos be in a room together. Jon Grueden and Russell Wilson. Although, the outcome of these two goofballs would most likely spell trouble for the rest of the league IF the offensive line is able to be on the field at the same time. According to ESPN, they were only on the field 3 times through Nov. 4 last season.

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