• Brandon Bate

Seahawks at Rams: win/loss predictions for Week 10

The Los Angeles Rams (5-3) are set to host the Seattle Seahawks (6-2) at SoFi stadium in Week 10. The Rams, coming off their bye week, should be the fresher team and have an opportunity to move into first place in the NFC West. The Seahawks, who've dropped two of their last three, will look to foil those plans and remain atop the division.

Can the Rams remain undefeated at home in 2020 and secure victory against the Seahawks for the fifth time in six contests?

The BTH crew make their predictions...


This week the Rams will get their first NFC West victory against the defenseless Seahawks. Gonna be typical division business with the Rams coming off a bye in front of the homefield cutouts. This is what 10-6 teams do, lose in maddening fashion and then whoop their rivals at home. The Rams are going 10-6 and will win this week.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-21

Joey the Jerk

Previously, Jared Goff displayed some 7-9 bullshit energy and we not like it. Let’s just hope that McVay has a very productive bye week in the tape room and is ready for revenge. And no better team to inflict anger upon than the Seattle Seahawks. Look for Goff to take advantage of their suspect secondary with a big day for Robert Woods.

Prediction: Rams win, 38-25


Russell Wilson might be the MVP but Aaron Donald is the GOAT!

Prediction: Rams win, 33-27


My writings about the Rams have gone from full, in-depth analysis and hot takes on the current team to just writing about old guys, old teams, and uniforms. That being said, I predict this game will not have the greatest uniforms in history face one another: The Vintage Seahawks Whites and the Vintage Rams Blues. Sure, the game might be a good watch. A great watch, even. But the new Rams jerseys are awful and the Seahawks jerseys are boring and basic. The best jerseys and logos are behind us. I hate Kevin Demoff, even more so now than before.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 34-24

Eddie P

The Rams have not been themselves as of late. Jared Goff’s efficiency has turned into inaccuracy, bad throws, horrible decisions, and one has to also wonder about possible impotency as well (we have seen his hot model GF around any more…). But Los Angeles always plays tough against Seattle. The team’s defense has also been stout and that will bode well against Russell Wilson, DJ Metcalf, Tyler Lockett & Co. So, with that said, the Rams will squeeze on by with a close game.

Prediction: Rams win, 20-17


DK vs Jalen? Donald vs a Backup? This weekend should be fun. Rams offense has a lot to prove, prove me wrong.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 33-20


No better way to come off the bye week than to start working through a tough back half towards the NFC W crown. Would be a very assuring to see the Rams offense figure some stuff out against a Seattle defense that stinks. Rams have a way of making Russ look silly and need to again. Brain says shootout, must mean playoff caliber defense.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-21


The Rams host the Seahawks after their bye week and I'm interested to see how they bounce back from a bitter loss in Miami. It's going to be a high stakes affair with a share of the division lead at stake. Ultimately I think the Rams defense makes a play down the stretch to seal the win.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-26


The Rams are much healthier at this point in the season, are coming off a much-needed bye week, and are playing at home. While all of those things sway their way, it's the porous secondary of the Seahawks that tends to be the biggest advantage in this contest as they've been one of the most historically terrible secondaries. Expect Jared Goff and his pass-game weapons to get back on track in this one, but it should be a very close game that comes down to the last possession as Russell Wilson contains some magic that many other players only dream of having.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-24


The Rams come off their bye week to face the hated Seahawks at SoFi, where they are a perfect 3-0 this season. Sean McVay is 4-2 against Pete Carrol since taking over, with both L’s being by less that a touchdown.

I look for Aaron Donald to keep the Russ MVP banter on hold for another week.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-21


This thing could get silly. My head tells me the Rams are the fresher, healthier team who can hang with anyone in the league. My gut tells me I should probably prep for a Monday of moaning and groaning about what I'd witnessed the day prior.

Prediction: Seahawks win, 30-27

Staff pick summary: 8 picks for the Rams, 3 picks for the Seahawks